23 years on, govt still not able to computerize land records

Call it “inability or non-seriousness”, but the fact is that despite a period of over 23 years, the state government is not still able to computerise the land records it was supposed to do under the centrally sponsored scheme “Computerisation of Land records”.
Since 1990, the Central government has been giving all possible assistance to the state government for computerisation of land records, but the incompetency of the J&K government can be gauged from the fact that it has not taken a single step of its own to implement the scheme, thus raising eyebrows over the smooth functioning of the administration.
Some officials in the ranks of administration blame the present ruling dispensation for it saying the “indifferent attitude of the government” is delaying the implementation.

Official sources in the revenue department reveal that the government had earlier also failed implemented the scheme in a proper and planed manner leaving Rs 2.66 crore unfruitful.
“During March 1990 to June 1999, when militancy was at its peak in Kashmir, the central government had released Rs 2.86 crore for the purpose, but the revenue department failed to even buy the necessary hardware and other basic infrastructure,” sources said.
Furthermore, the official sources said that in August 2006, then PDP-Congress coalition government has submitted the new proposal to the central Government for computerisation of land records in 256 Niabats (sub-Tehsils) at a cost of Rs 20.56 crore, at the rate of Rs 8 lakh per sub-tehsil.
The Omar Abdullah led government had reportedly framed this proposal based on the pilot exercise taken up after development of software departmentally for one Niabat, Khanmoh, in Srinagar Tehsil.
“After that the central government in March 2007, released Rs 15.42, at the rate of Rs 6 lakh per sub-tehsil,” official sources in the revenue department confirmed and added that this amount was to be spent for creation of necessary infrastructure.

“This amount was credited to the bank account of Financial Commissioner revenue”, but that government coalition (PDP-Congress) could not continue with it properly due to massive unrest in 2008.
Later, in June 2009, the matter of delay in implementing the scheme was raised in a high-level meeting that was chaired by then chief minister Omar Abdullah.
However, more than eight years have passed none of the officers were deputed; neither any efforts were made to utilize the funds to implement the scheme.
This not only indicates the indifferent attitude of the ruling dispensation towards implementing the scheme, but has also deprived people of the state of the benefits of the scheme for over two decades.

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