A PEACEFUL RALLY To protest against India’s campaign of terror in Kashmir

Indian delegate is coming to the United Nations.  She is likely to be honored as the leader of the largest democracy. This is a travesty. Indian delegate represents one of the most repressive regimes in the world. While she is in New York, Indian army will be conducting a campaign of slaughter in Kashmir. Each day they shoot and kill civilians;

detain and brutally torture innocent Kashmiri men, women and children. There is no freedom in Kashmir. Only death, destruction and oppression. We must protest against this outrage.


Kashmir deserves immediate attention of the United Nations, and it is crying for a just solution that was guaranteed under the United Nations Security Council resolutions.


Your participation in this demonstration is imperative to make a difference

Date:   Saturday, September 23, 2017

Time:      12.00 – 3.00 p.m.

Place:  In front of the United Nations building

First Avenue & 47th Street, New York

For more information, please contact: 202-607-6435 /  gnfai2003@yahoo.com

Professor (Dr.) Imtiaz Khan: 504-201-4218
Sardar Zarif Khan:  202-714-5100
Sardar Zulfiqar Khan; 571-277-0428
Sardar Zubair Khan: 703-244-7433
Raja Liaqat Kiyani: 301-208-0214
Hamid Malik: 703-341-9696
Sardar Tahir Iqbal: 703-687-5979
Sahibzada Imtiaz Zafar: 202-352-7030
Mehmood Shah: 301-466-6790
Sardar Zahoor Khan: 301-529-8547
Sardar Asghar Khan: 301-254-4979
Sardar Zahid Khan: 240-551-4046
Sardar Moazzam:  571-337-6200

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