Angnawardi workers on hunger strike blocks residency road to protest

Scores of Anganwadi workers continue their hunger strike to press for their demands here in press enclave in Srinagar.

Pertinently hundreds of Anganwadi workers from various areas of Kashmir division are on sit-in hunger strikes form last few days to demand enhancement in the wages.

Today the protesting Anganwadi workers amid sloganeering like: ’10,000 lagu kro, insaaf chahyiea’ and ‘Sada haq aethay rakh’ blocks residency road for long time. The traffic was affected due to the protesters, however latter on the intervention of officials from district administration and police, they dispersed.

Talking to media the Hajira Bano president of Anganwadi workers association accused state government of adopting a step-motherly approach towards the workers, despite their working with full efficiency.

“No one pays any heed towards our issues, and we have decided to hold an indefinite hunger strike till our demands are met. We want to tell the government that we have rendered services and are fighting for our right and the award of our hardworking,” she said.

The protesters also took a jibe at Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufi for her statements on women’s empowerment. “She often says that she wants to empower women. Today we ask her, does Rs 20 a day empower a woman to empower herself,” a protesting worker said.

“There were many single mothers serving in the department and they have a huge responsibility to raise and educate their children, they need money to give right direction to their wards”, said another protester.

They said that they request government to look at their suffering as mere Rs 3,600 is not enough to run families. “Government should think on this issue and come out with the satisfactory and justifiable solution to help us to overcome from this problem”, they said.

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