Army gives shield to braid choppers: Mustafa Kamal

Blaming “Indian agencies” behind the increasing incidents of braid chopping in Kashmir, senior National Conference (NC) leader Monday said according to reports , Army is shielding the braid choppers.
He said as far as he came to know through different reports and cited an incident where Army came to the rescue of braid choppers when people tried to chase and nab one braid chopper. “The nearby Army camp fired gun shots in the air and dispersed the people when they were chasing a group of braid choppers. The braid choppers later entered into the army camp,” he said.
Kamal said the government has all the machinery with them, but it is still unfortunate that they have failed to expose the hands behind braid cutting.
He said the fire has been set by the ruling dispensation and they should now douse it rather than blaming the Opposition.
“The PDP and BJP have thrown people into a deep gorge. The Jana Sangh killed 5 lakh Muslims in Jammu during 1947 and they want to repeat the same,” he said.

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