Army rescues accident Vechile in North Kashmir’s Baramulla

Baramulla, June 17:
Due to sharp turns and slippery road conditions, a car driven by Mr Naseer Ahmad Khan of Haipura, met with an accident and fell in a gorge near Hardushora village in Baramulla, an army spokesman told Global Kashmir.
In distress, Mr Naseer Ahmad Khan approached Army Camp at Ziran for help and without any delay the Quick Reaction Team of the Army reached on the spot along with its Recovery Vehicle and handled the situation, the spokesman said.
After considerate and prolonged efforts by the Army Team, the vehicle was back on the road after a successful recovery, the spokesman said.
Mr Naseer Ahmad Khan was highly thankful for the efforts put in by the Army and expressed his gratitude and the locals present at the location were also quite appreciative of the same, the spokesman added.

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