Banning Muharram processions speaks of government’s insecurity…. Er Rasheed

Says let government introspect why every protest turns anti-India at the end.

 Asking Government to shun hypocrisy and double standards AIP Supremo & MLA Lanagte Er Rasheed has said that on one hand Chief Minister and others are paying homage and respect to Karbala martyrs, but on the other hand the mourners are greeted with tear gas shells, barricades and restrictions. While addressing a gathering at Langate today, Er Rasheed said, “Martyrs of Karbala sacrifices their lives for upholding the principles of truth, sincerity and justice and those who pay homage to them, must believe by and large in those principles. It is ironic that state government always indulges in a war like situation with the mourners, without any specific reason. There is no doubt that we must respect all religions and there should be absolute freedom of religion, but it is ironic that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and others do attend the religious function of Dussehra, where effigies of Rawan are burnt but do just issue traditional statements for Karbala martyrs and don’t allow the mourners to take out Muharram processions.” Er Rasheed asked state government to introspect that what makes it to believe that every procession which has nothing to do with Kashmir issue, may turn into anti-India protest. He said, “The reason is obvious that New Delhi and its representatives and institutions have failed to gain considerable support among masses and that is the reason that they shut down mouth of everyone whether it may be a Muharram mourner or a political worker.”

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