Bird Flu Not Harming People at Present But Can be Another Pandemic If Adapts in Humans, Surpassing Phase 3: DAK President

Bird flu is still confined to crows and migratory birds and has not been seen in humans’ says Dr Nisar Ul Hassan

Srinagar 03 February: The Doctors’ Association of Kashmir President Dr Nisar Ul Hassan on Wednesday said that the bird flu although did not have any impact on humans now, but it can be another pandemic if it surpasses phase 3rd and adapts in humans in the offing.  

DAK President said that the bird flu is still confined to crows and migratory birds and has not been seen in humans so far, but some sporadic cases of affecting humans were found in the past in other countries.  

The bird flu infected poultry and eggs, which have not been found in Kashmir yet, are safe to eat after being cooked properly. “If God forbid the bird flu is found in animals, there are chances of people getting infected with bird flu who eviscerate, defeathers them than those who eat,” said the DAK President. 

“We do not have any cases of bird flu in poultry and no human to human transmission, but the concerned authorities should be vigilant. The veterinarians have to prepare in advance if the outbreak spreads in the poultry,” said Dr Nisar.  

While being asked about the more perilous variants among the bird flu, Dr Nisar said that the H5N1 variant cases found in humans earlier were more lethal than the H1N1 swine flu.

Regarding the eating of poultry, the DAK President said that “There is nothing that people should refrain from eating poultry and poultry products. They keep on taking it as usual because there is no outbreak of bird flu in poultry here. Even if there will be an outbreak, people should continue to eat poultry after cooking it properly.”

To scotch the rumours from spreading, Dr Nisar said “the government should come in action and find out people who are indulging in rumour mongering regarding the bird flu and other viruses and vaccines. It becomes imperative for the government to crack down on people and websites from spreading the misinformation.” (KNB)

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