BJP Lashes Out at Gupkar Alliance and Congress

Claims of Congress and PAGD being only an electoral alliance is a fraud says Anil Gupta

J&K 17 November: BJP hits out at the People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration and the Congress party for neglecting the interests of Jammu region in their schemes. 

In a statement, Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party Anil Gupta stated, “it is being claimed by Jammu based leadership of Congress and National Conference that their respective high commands have given their consent to reach out to all parties in Jammu province irrespective of their different political ideologies and different stands on Articles 370 and 35A to evolve a common minimum programme aimed at protecting identity of Jammu region, getting regional autonomy and equal treatment at all levels.”

“While their Kashmiri bosses continue to harp on single point agenda of restoration of 370, 35A and safeguarding the Kashmiri identity. “Where do the interests of Jammu fit in their scheme of things? Does Jammu has no identity?” statement read.

There is inherent contradictions in their thinking and deeds and they are behaving like chameleons by speaking a different language in Kashmir and different in Jammu, JK BJP spokesperson stated.

Gupta stated that this will work no longer since the people are more aware and awakened. 

BJP spokesperson stated that through their chameleon politics they want to divide Jammu and Kashmir and going by their statements it is obvious that every statement of the Gupkaris has explicit approval of the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Congress is inseparable part of the Gupkar Alliance and its claim of it being only an electoral alliance is a fraud. 

He stated that by shedding crocodile tears in Jammu they are trying to gain sympathy and earn their vote through deceit. On the one hand Gupkar Gang arrogantly claims that only they have the right to decide the future of West Pakistan refugees, Valmikis and Gorkhas and on the other hand their Jammu based leaders seek their votes claiming to be their well-wishers. 

He questioned, “What can be a bigger fraud than this?”

Gupta further stated the Gupkaris claim that their ultimate aim is much higher and the DDC elections are inconsequential, on the other hand claim that their sole aim of getting together is to defeat BJP in the elections for which they have even approached all other parties in Jammu region as well. 

“It is obvious that they have ganged together to supress those who always prefer Nation First led by the BJP. They want to isolate those who stand for and respect the National Flag and Constitution of India and want to subjugate those who respect the Indian Armed Forces and hate China and Pakistan as our enemy,” Gupta’s statement read.

JK BJP spokesperson stated that while in Kashmir they want to supress its composite culture, plurality, harmonious co-existence and promote exclusivity, in Jammu they want to completely annihilate and demolish whatever is left of Dogra identity and pride. 

“Those who were in power for sixty years and were responsible for planned and systematic destruction of Dogra heritage, culture and identity are today just for the sake of garnering votes from Jammu region claiming to be protectors of interests of Jammu and Dogra identity,” rued Anil Gupta.

Gupta further stated, “It is my sincere appeal to the people of Jammu to avoid getting carried away by false, motivated and baseless propaganda of the Gupkar Alliance, Congress and their other sympathisers and recognise their true colour. Their singular aim is to divide us so that they can return to power and once again loot the state exchequer and line their pockets with funds meant for the developments of your districts. Don’t be emotional but exercise your judgement because your decision would decide your future for next five years.” (KNB)

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