Braid choppers creating great panic, threatful atmosphere in the valley, a question mark on Government and law governing bodies: Karwan-Islamia

The nonstop incidents of braid chopping are creating big panic and an atmosphere full of threat, but surprisingly the law governing bodies are failing to understanding the sensitivity of the issue which is very alarming.

One after another incidents of braid chopping are taking place in almost every corner of the valley which is very shameful and a blockade between the public and government.

Government is confused in dealing with braid chopping elements, from last two months. One can clearly see that they have become crippled and helpless as things have totally gone out of their control. “Government has all means to deals with braid choppers but it seems they deliberately won’t to act; otherwise nothing is impossible for them if they have sincerity in doing that.

Now the situation has gone so worse that in both rural and urban areas women particularly the female students and working women prefer to stay indoor due to threat of braid chopping.

Government should stop targeting students and youth in various parts of the Valley, lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for its “anti-youth and repressive policies”, she added.

Spokesperson Karwan- Islamia, Abu Yasir Qadri said that  situation has arisen now where our young children are not safe even within their schools and colleges as the Government is failed is failing to provide safety to general public, we request people to keep patience and fight united against such evils creating a disturbed atmosphere. (PTK)


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