Bureaucracy needs to change its working attitude for infusing trust of common people in government working system: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi

29th December 2020: BJP senior leader & Party Spokesperson & Chairperson Waqf Development Committee of Union Ministry of Minority Affairs Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today met a dozen public delegations at her private office at Srinagar and listened to the public issues and grievances. She also received many memoranda regarding the issues related to the public issues & grievances disposal mechanism in the UT. Dr Andrabi mediated in resolution of many issues on spot with the help of the concerned departmental heads and representatives. Later talking to the media Dr Andrabi said that when we have undergone a constitutional and political change in Jammu & Kashmir, we still confront many speed-breakers from bureaucracy. “People are anguished with the red-tapes in our government offices. Many bureaucrats and other employees in public service offices still don’t behave like public servants but like royals and commanders and even misbehave with people. Such elements cannot be tolerated in the democratic system,” said Dr Darakhshan. She asked the people to come forward and make complaints about the arrogant, corrupt and irresponsible officers to the LG’s Grievance Cell and even take the help of the public representatives to deal with such officers. “No government system can improve until the Bureaucracy changes its attitude and arrogance in office is not tolerable at all in a healthy corruption-free working system,” said Dr Darakhshan.

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