Central Waqf Council undertakes inspection of Haryana Waqf Board today

Implementation of welfare schemes of Govt of India reviewed
“Minority Affairs Ministry is ensuring online availability of  records, details of Waqf assets & properties throughout the Country” : Dr Darakhshan Andrabi

The Central Waqf Council delegation during its two day visit to Haryana today convened a meeting of the State Central Committee officers of Haryana Waqf Board at Amabala. The delegation led by Dr Darakhshan Andrabi took stock of the welfare schemes of the Ministry of Minority Affairs being implemented by the State Waqf Board. Dr Andrabi also sought a report about the digitization of the Waqf records, properties and assets which had started in the state of Haryana about a year ago. The Chief Executive Officer of Haryana Waqf Board Imtiaz Khizar informed Dr Andrabi that the digitization of the records, assets and accounts of the state Waqf are near the completion and within a couple of months, whole of the data will be uploaded and will be available for public audit all the time. Dr Darakhshan praised Haryana Waqf management for its timely completion of the digitization process. She also lauded the staff for their transparent record-keeping. Dr Andrabi was accompanied by CWC Development Officer Dr Mohammad Khursheed Warsi among other members.

Later Dr Darakhshan Andrabi addressed a Press Conference in which she briefed the press and media about the initiatives taken by the Union Minority Affairs Ministry to streamline Waqf Boards throughout the country so that potent steps are taken to clear the mess of corruption and misuse of the Waqf properties in all states and UTs. “We are set the target of completing the digitization of all records of Waqf, all accounts and properties the details of which will be auditable all the time by anybody who wishes. It will be an open and transparent system now. By 2022 March, we will be able to complete this process throughout the country,”said Dr Andrabi. She said that encroachers and illegal occupants of the Waqf properties will be exposed and brought in front of the court of people and the court of law. Dr Darakhshan said that the welfare schemes of the Minority Affairs Ministry are all transparently executed as complete digitization has stopped all irregularities and corruption. Dr Darakhshan asked all other Waqf Boards to take some learning -leads from the Haryana Waqf Board to streamline the management systems in their respective areas. We have witnessed that Waqf properties throughout the country were misused, encroached upon, occupied illegally for seven decades by the political rulers of the states and now we are fortunate enough to clear this mess in Waqf Boards

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