Class 12th Students of Kashmir Division Distressed After JKBOSE Nullifies Results of Additional Subject

‘It was a mistake, one made inadvertently by our computing agency and that’s why we had to nullify the results’ Says JKBOSE Chairperson

Srinagar, 25 January: 135 students of class 12th of Kashmir Division are in a state of distress after Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) nullified their result of additional subject, which was declared ‘passed’ by the Board last year.

Several students among the 135 said that they have already submitted the mark sheets and enrolled themselves in different colleges across the country.

They said, “It has been almost 4 months since our results for the sixth subject (additional subject) were declared and we have submitted all the documents to colleges across the country. We are already enrolled there, our semester examinations are going to commence in a week or two and out of nowhere the JKBOSE decides to nullify the results of the additional subjects.”

“How are we going to reach Kashmir Valley from different states in this pandemic situation and prepare for two different exams (semester and additional subject) at the same time,” they said.

Pointing a figure at the JKBOSE, the students said that the board has failed them and the decision taken by them is an example of their failure.

“Why did they pass us (in the additional subject) on the basis of internal assessment in the first place?” asked the students, adding if they (Board) had conducted the exams on time, “We wouldn’t be facing this problem now.”

They said that the JKBOSE’s decision has drastically affected their studies and they are in a delusional and distressed state.

“We have no idea what we are supposed to say to our colleges? How are we going to travel back to Kashmir in this pandemic situation and who is going to take care of the expenses?” the students asked, adding that not everyone comes from well off families.

Pertinent to mention, JKBOSE notified about the cancelation of the result of 135 candidates of HSE-II (class 12th) 2019-20 on 19th of January 2021.

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