Congress cautions people of opportunist politics of PDP-BJP

Says both parties backstabbed, looted people

Srinagar, Jul 02: Commenting on the present prevailing situation in the State especially in Valley, Congress Leader Kadfeen Chowdhary today blamed the previous PDP BJP dispensation for failing people on every count, saying that the both the parties have not only backstabbed people, but looted them in every respect.
Expressing serious concern over the deteriorating situation in the valley, Chowdhary described the situation as incompetence of the PDP BJP, who always worked in their own interests rather than working for development of the people and State.
Both PDP BJP remained committed to their self-interests, as a result, the people in all the three regions were made to suffer immensely in every respect.
He said the toppling of the Govt by BJP was a ploy to mislead the Nation while eyeing on 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, for the fact, people have realized that BJP was making only tall claims about development and peace, but in reality, the Centre Govt lacks any policy with regard to Jammu and Kashmir and inorder to hide its real face BJP toppled the Govt unceremoniously leaving people in a state of confusion.
Congress felt confident that people of the Country will give a befitting reply to both BJP & PDP in coming day for playing with their emotions and the day is not far when these two parties would suffer heavily, he added and cautioned the people of opportunist politics and emotional blackmailing of PDP BJP, saying that both were in habit of playing emotional cards to mislead people for power and they can go to any extend for power. (KNS)

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