Dr Darakhshan Andrabi visits Baba Gulam Shah Badshah Shrine, inspects the management.

“Shahdara Sharief Ziarat is worth a role-model for management of other shrines in J&K”: Darakhshan

Jammu: Central Waqf Council Member and Chairperson of Waqf Development Committee of Union Ministry of Minority Affairs Dr Darakhshan Andrabi completed her two day visit to Rajouri where she today visited and inspected the management of the shrine of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah at Shahdara Sharief. She was accompanied by the Chief Executive Officer of Jammu Waqf Council and the Administrator of the Shahdara Sharief Shrine. She met a delegation of senior citizens of the district, the visitors of the shrine and the employees of the management of the famous shrine. Dr Andrabi expressed her satisfaction over the management of the shrine and the facilities created for the pilgrims there. While talking to the media after the visit, Dr Darakhshan said that many things need to be done at the earliest to cope up with the rush of pilgrims at the shrine.

“This shrine can be presented as a role model for shrine management in J&K in many ways. I am very happy that with the help of the local people, the management has succeeded in creating a praiseworthy mechanism of accounting of donations at the shrine and thereby creating facilities for the public. The role of the Shrine Management is satisfactory. Many things need to be on priority which I discussed with the Shrine authorities and District Administration. I am assured that the much needed Sarai will be constructed there. The road leading to the Shrine needs immediate repairs as the condition of the road is very troublesome for the visitors,” said Dr Darakhshan. Dr Andrabi said that the Waqf properties in other parts of the district and other shrines there also need immediate attention as their condition of other is not so well. Dr Andrabi also expressed her wonder as why we have two different Waqf bodies in J&K. “I want Waqf in both the regions of J&K to be managed by a single body and by the same regulations. I am also of the opinion that a Madrasa Board may be formulated in J&K as a subsidiary organization of the Waqf Board. It will be in favour of a bigger management system of Muslim properties in J&K,” said Dr Darakhshan .

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