Finally decided to frame a third front under the nomanclature “People’s United Front .”

An extra ordinary meeting of various Political and Social bodies existing in the valley was convened at central office Lalmandi to discuss the prevailing situation of the state and the duties of political and social organization. Thereof the participants felt that the conventional parties who have ruled the state for the last so many decades have given the people nothing but sufferings and destruction. The participants discussed the NHPC projects Kashmir embargo at length and finally decided to frame a third front under the nomanclature “people ‘s united front .” The participants and organization unanimously elected the convenor Mr Khalid Tufail for the amalgam it was decided that the constitution , the blames and aims and objectives of the amalgam will be presented before the cor-rum in a couple of days. The organizational heads of all Political and social parties ensured full cooperation and coordination and criticized the conventional polities and the dynasty rule.

(Press Release)

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