Forced, military occupation of India is root cause of all miseries and problems: Geelani

‘Braid chopping created extreme gloomy situation for our sisters, daughters’
Hurriyat Conference (G), chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday said that forced and military occupation of India is the root cause of all miseries and problems and added that authorities in new Delhi always applied its shrived tactics to supress our sentiments, however people while resisting these arbitrary measures, pursued their mission making, all their attempts a failure.
In his recorded video message addressed to people, Geelani said that since last one-month fear psychosis has been created and people are facing threat to their dignity and honor and added that people are reeling under constant fear and braid chopping incidents have created extreme gloomy situation for our sisters and daughters.
Nothing good is expected from ruling elite and as such everyone feels scare about the safety and honor, said Geelani and added that although it was their moral responsibility to ensure safety, dignity and respect for every citizen, however authorities miserably failed, said Geelani.
Ridiculing authorities, Geelani said that instead of ensuring the safety authorities conceived their devilish tricks like “operation Catch & kill, Operation Ghoost and now braid chopping like horrible operation and added that all these follies were aimed to break our resolve and suppress our freedom sentiments.
They can’t break our resolve and all their deceit will come to a shameful end, said Geelani and added that I am sure we will defeat all their evil designs if we maintain discipline, constitute Mohalla comities comprising of vigilant youth volunteers and persons with credibility, to check this menace, said Geelani and added any suspicious person if nabbed ,should be handed over to reliable and trustworthy committee members and his statement recorded, so that authorities do not get any chance to save these criminals and reproach any innocent against false allegations, said Geelani.
Geelani while addressing victims of braid chopping, said that we feel and share your pain and agony you faced and we are also pained to see the oppression and suppression witnessed by victims.
I would have visited every such place to share your pain but I’ve been detained in my house for the last seven years and it is the
reason that I can’t move out but let us repose our faith in Almighty Allah and seek his help and blessings to overcome this turmoil, said Geelani.
Almighty Allah is the only guardian and He only can save us from this turmoil and testing time, added Geelani.
We should review and renew our relations with Almighty Allah, as he only is sufficient for us, said Geelani in his address and asked people to renew bonds of relation with almighty Allah through prayers and while reciting Holy Quran. (KNS)

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