Formulae cannot resolve Kashmir issue, says Opposition

‘Political issues need political measures’

Reacting to the Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s five Cs as permanent solution to the Kashmir issue and assurance on Article 35A, Opposition political parties Tuesday said that “rhetoric and formulae” cannot resolve issue and pitched for political measures.
National Conference Provincial President, Nasir Aslam Wani said that setting timelines and repeating rhetoric is not a solution to the issue.
“We have to start from somewhere and then be hopeful for resolution of the Kashmir issue. Now, that there has been a change of heart and thinking of Government of India, which was visible by the press conference of the Home Minister, let’s see and hope that something concrete is done on the ground which is yet to been seen,” Wani said.
About the five C’s of the home minister as a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue, he said that they have heard such rhetoric in past also. “In the past we have heard ‘sky is the limit’, ‘insaniyat ke dairei main’, but one is always hopeful that something is done on the ground also and show seriousness in resolving the Kashmir issue,” Wani said.
On Article 35A, Wani said that the centre should file a counter-affidavit in Supreme Court to the petition to walk the talk.
Pradesh Congress Committee president G A Mir said BJP and RSS cannot be sincere in resolving the issues.
“Issues cannot be resolved by giving formulae, but by implementing the formulae on the ground. A common man understands the formula once it is implemented with results. BJP has been in the government in the state as well as in the centre from more than three years. What they have achieved and done people know that well,” Mir said.
“By uttering words like five Cs and AoA, issues cannot be resolved. It will take ten years for a common man or a farmer to understand what are Cs. Initially, they said AoA is their sacred document, and when they review it they have achieved zero. Even the two parties (PDP and BJP) are not on the same page about AoA. These words are for engagement and for time-pass,” he said
“To resolve political disputes and conflicts, they have take political measures for outcomes. Cs won’t solve anything,” he added.
On assurance on Article 35A, he said, “It is sloganeering, how to escape themselves from anger, turmoil and alienation.”
Rajnath Singh on the last leg of his four-day visit has said that permanent solution permanent solution to Kashmir problem is five Cs–Compassion, Communication, Co-existence, Confidence Building and Consistency. (KNS)


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