Govt has lost trust of masses on braid chopping menace: G H Mir

Says where is Govt’s ‘noble agenda of Beti Bachao, Beti Padao’
President of Jammu Kashmir Democratic Party (Nationalist) (DPN) Ghulam Hassan Mir has given a clarion call to the youth to rise in groups and mount a round the clock vigil to save the honour of Kashmiri womenfolk from the braid choppers who have darkened the atmosphere with fear and paralysed life for “our mothers, daughters and sisters.”
After visiting Devergrar village in Tangmarg area where people took out a massive procession against an incident of broad chopping, Ghulam Hassan Mir wondered over the insensitiveness of the Central and State governments , which claim to be pursuing a “noble agenda of Beti Bachao, Beti Padao”. But, he said that the acts of braid chopping have proved that they were pursuing this agenda in breach.
“I am telling you this trend of humiliating and snatching away the dignity of our women folk has exposed the double standard of the governments. They are neither interested, nor they have shown any will to stop this menace,” he said.
Mir said the highly apathetic attitude of the government has made the people to lose faith in the government. Their sense of insecurity has deepened to the extent that girls have stopped going to schools, working women are scared of going to work places and women in general are not daring to step out of their houses.”
“The people should expect nothing from this government, which is promoting the thesis that it is some kind of mental disorder. This is like rubbing salt into the wounds of the victims.
He said that the time has come when the youth should come out and form their groups to maintain the vigil to instill a sense of security among the womenfolk and also avert the assault on “on our social values and culture. (KNS)

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