Hakeem Yaseen for revisiting Govt order to shut private coaching centers

Srinagar, Apr 23 : Chaiman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has sought to review the proposed Govt order to shut private tuition centers for next 3 months.
In a statement, Hakeem Yaseen has said that this order shall badly affect studies of students adding that thousands of students have paid their coaching fees in advance for completing their courses and syllabi .Beside, this order shall snatch the livelihood of hundreds of educated youth working as tutors in various private coaching centers in various parts of the valley.
Hakeem Yaseen has suggested to form a comprehensive policy for private coaching centers and to stop teachers of government schools from working in private coaching centers during official working hours. “The measures taken so far in this regard have not yielded desired results, Hakeem added.
Maintaining that closing of private coaching centres was not a good idea, Hakeem Yaseen said there is dearth of staff and infrastructure in Government schools, which needs to be improved first.
He said under such conditions, how rights of a student to get better educational facilities can be usurped arbitrary. He said private coaching centers are functioning all over the world for imparting better coaching and guidance to the interested students who have a right to choose any private coaching center of their choice.
He said instead of closing private coaching centers, Government should form monitoring committees at zonal levels to check the attendance of Govt teachers so that they do not work in private coaching centers during office working hours.
However, Hakeem Yaseen has sought Government intervention to regulate the tuition fees structure in private coaching centers so that they do not fleece students and their parents to pay exorbitant fees. (KNS)

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