If people want police should arrive at any conclusion and unfold the mystery, then victims ought to talk to police: Munir Ahmed Khan

How can we reach to truth when victims are not ready to record their statements? If they (victims) are not ready to talk to police about these incidents, how come they expect that police will unfold the mystery? It is unfortunate that victims are not ready to help the police,” Khan said, adding that they are puzzled to know that not a single victim is ready to talk to investigating agency.
“I am surprised how come it is possible that the braid of a woman is being chopped off in a congested locality like Khanyar. Why the victim refused to talk to police,” he questioned.
IGP said that it is beyond anybody’s comprehension that two accused who were captured by people at Bemina locality were allowed to go. “Before the arrival of police there, people had set both the accused free. Why the people let them go and why they were not handed over to police,” Khan questioned.

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