India and Pakistan should hold talks to stop bloodshed: Hurriyat

Srinagar, Nov 14: Hurriyat Conference (M) on Saturday expressed deep grief and dismay at the repeated escalation on the line of control in which several lives were lost on both sides of the line on Friday.

In a statement the Hurriyat (M) said that deaths of innocent Kashmiri civilians getting killed on both sides of the line of control as well as soldiers of both nations caught in the “lingering conflict” is very sad and shameful.

“Hurriyat reiterated its appeal to both India and Pakistan that for the sake of humanity and the millions of human lives address and resolve the Kashmir issue through peaceful means,” it said. “Hurriyat once again in a statement urges the Government of India and Pakistan to give up belligerence and come to the table to resolve the J-K dispute for times to come and end the senseless bloodshed of humans on all sides,” reads the statement . (KDC)

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