India, Pakistan desperately need breakthrough to ward off ghosts of conflict: Prof Bhat

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‘An agenda with masterly strategy must for generating propitious political environment’

Srinagar, Apr 08 : In an extraordinary executive council member’s meeting at the office headquarters Wasirbagh Srinagar, the president of Muslim Conference (MC) Professor Abdul Gani Bhat said that if strategies are not worked out, no breakthrough can happen. Kashmir dispute involves two measure countries of the South Asian region India and Pakistan along with all the ironies of the subcontinent and therefore we will need an agenda with a masterly strategy to generate a propitious political environment.
In a statement issued , Prof. Bhat said India and Pakistan are left with no alternative other than talks. As a matter of fact the two nuclear countries desperately need a breakthrough with reference to dispute on Kashmir; if this somber reality is not recognized on time and for purpose the consequences to fallow may be disastrous; Prof. Bhat drew the attention with reference to the dispute on Kashmir to the worlds powerful countries operating in South Asian region and cautioned that lapses on the part of India and Pakistan could lead to a very dangerous situation to develop in the region. Dialogue is the only way-out for the two nuclear countries to ward off the ghosts of confrontation.
We need, Prof said, mince no words, summon up courage, recognize the dangers inherent in the situation and resolve the dispute on Kashmir.
The situation in Kashmir, it was noted with concern in the meeting, has assumed monstrous dimensions which are where India and Pakistan will have to go beyond beaten tracks and find a way in the larger interests of peace and stability in the region. Let us not ignore, the Prof. Said that the bleeding wounds will never heal up by “injecting poison in to the wounds”. (KNS)

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