Jio limiting voice calls to 300 minutes per day for some users: Report

Reliance Jio is seemingly limiting the calls that its users can make using VoLTE on its network 300 minutes per day for some users who are apparently misusing the “unlimited calls” feature. This limit, according to reports, will not be available to all users, but only for those who are found misusing the network.
The Jio Priority team has confirmed to Telecomtalk that they’re limiting the voice calls to 300 minutes per day for some users. Reason for this is that some users are allegedly misusing the Jio voice calling benefit.The report notes that these users misuse the “unlimited calls” feature by making calls for over 10 hours per day, including promotional calls. Therefore, to ensure that these Jio users don’t overuse or exploit the Jio calling feature, the company is limiting the voice calls. Also, for now the limit on the voice calls is seemingly going to be applied daily. There is still no weekly limit it seems.
The limit on voice calls seems similar to how Jio limited the 4G data use earlier on its network. When it launched in September 2016, Jio offered consumers free unlimited 4G data. But soon users apparently started to misuse the unlimited data feature and apparently downloaded gigabits and gigabits of data per day. This led to Jio limiting the 4G data use to 1GB per day for consumers. Unlimited data was still available but once a user had consumed 1GB data, the speed was reduced to less than 100 kbps.
However, one big difference between the data limit and the 300-minute voice limit is that the earlier move affected all users whereas the latest limit is only for select users. However, for now there don’t seem to be any exact guidelines that can tell you whether your calls on Jio will be limited or not. For now the limit is only for users misusing the Jio network but what is misuse is something that has not been made clear. Coming to the question of who all fall under this limited voice calling benefit, the report states that users who make more than 10 hours of voice calls in a day come under the category. The maximum limit for this category still remains a mystery.

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