Kadfeen slams Govt over leaving engineering fraternity in disarray

Says post Aug 5 episode, Govt taking all measures to disempower JK youth

Srinagar, Sep 25: Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Friday has castigated the government over abolishing Self Help Groups for unemployed engineers, terming it a disastrous measure that could plunge the educated youth in absolute distress.

In a statement issued here, Kadfeen said that the creation of Self Help Groups for unemployed engineers of Jammu and Kashmir was a historic measure with an emphasis that these youth such be empowered on priority by the government.

However, Kadfeen said it was ironic to find the present adminstration taking such bizarre measures through which livelihood to thousands of educated youth will be denied and their families will be left to suffer sadistically.

Kadfeen added that post-August 5, 2019 the government is taking series of measures leading to the disempowerment of educated youth of Jammu and Kashmir and there is a well driven agenda behind such scenes prevalent.
He said that the government is busy robbing people of their identity, livelihood and is inventing new methods to push them towards the wall. All such decisions through which Kashmiris will be systematically deprived, hounded and humiliated are taken without remorse.

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