Kargil Sankoo,TSG & Suru Valley Celebrate’s Eid-e-Navroz with Religious Zeal and enthusiasm

Kargil ,21 March 2018: In Jammu and Kashmir kargil as a parts of the country Eid-e- Navroz  which was observed in kargil and its Tehsil, Block Sub-division of kargil with immensely religious fervor on Wednesday.

Eid-e-Navroz means is the new Year which is celebrated on 21 March every year.Navroz mea  a new day and also its an  auspicious day celebrated in muslim community. It augurs the coming of the new year,every year nouroz begins on the first day of spring usually the 21st of march. It is celebrated in different ways and in accordance with local customs and traditions.the day commence with prayers by pionting  to nature ability to renew itself each and every year.In spring season is the beginning of new life. snow melts and birds start to sing for each other because spring is for love.

Eid-e-Navroz is observed in kargil this event  was organized by Imam Khomenie Memoral trust kargil(IKMT)& Islamiya School kargil(ISK) the most influential major religious organization form kargil ladakh in  Jammu and Kashmir.

More then thousand of people’s from different adjacent  villages of kargil attended this aupicious day.the Programme began with recitation of holy quran by the students some of  students followed by Tarana,Qasida,Qawalie and presented topic regarding Eid-E-Navroz.

Addressing the huge gathering religious scholar (ulamas) elaborated on Eid-e-Navroz and prayed for peace prosperitory,harmony for the country were also held here.

Report analysis that Eid-e-Navroz celebrated at Sankoo Sub division of kargil  with immensely enthusaism the largest gathering were also witnessed this was organized by Markaz-e-Tabliga Maktab-e-Imam Raza Sankoo,the function was presided by religious preacher by Hujatul-Islam Walmuslimeem Syeed Sadiq Rizvi the programme began with recitation of holy verse of quran.on the occasion the student of Markaz-e- Tabligat Maktab-e Imam Raza followed Nat-e-Sharief,Qasida,Tarana,
Qawali, aand religious song were also  presented rhymed.

Hujatul-IslamWalmuslimeen Syeed Sadiq Rizvi  threw light on the importantce of observing this day on  Eid-e-Navroz ,and prayed for peace,health,prosperitory & development in the country.

Second religious gathering  were also held at sankoo under the banner of Anjumam-e-Sahib-e-Zaman Sankoo (Suru)where in thousand and  hundred of people’s participated.the congregational  rid prayer’s lead by a religious scholar after that the programme began with recitation of holy quran followed by the student of Maktab-e-zeebiya some of the sudents followed by different topic regarding, Eid-e-Navroz, Tarana,Balti Qasida,Nat-e-Shrief,Tarana,and Qawalie and religious songs.

Addressing religious ulamas congratulations to all on Eid-e- Navroz and highlighted the important of the day special payer for peace,development health,prosperitory amongst the people’s of kargil.
Similarly Maktab-e- Sahib-e- Zaman Educational Centre Lankerchey celebrated Eid-e-Navroz with great  religious fervor and gaiety.on the occasion where in two hundred of people’s gathered to celebrated this auspicious day.
Akhoon Mohmmad Hussain felicitated the people on this occasion and also prayed for peace and prosperity of humanity at large.
Addressing the gathering in his speech Akhoon Mohmmad Hussain threw light on the importance day of Eid-Navroz.on this occasion people embrace one another out of sheer joy ang greet each other  and he added  every one should ,prayer  for the unity among the peoples  for the whole  country.
Maktab-e-Imam Hyderiya Lankerchay were also celebrated Eid-e- Navroz where in  gathering of devotes attended the eid the function was preseide over by Huja-tu-islam walmuslimeen Syeed Jaffer Rizvi student from Maktab-e-Imam Hyderiya Presents Qawalie,Tarana,Balti Qasida,Tarana and religous songs were also presented rhymed.
As per sources  said that the celebration of  Eid-e –Navroz were also organised  at various other location of sankoo including Trespone,Saliskot,Faroona,
Thovina Khachan,Stakpa,Umba,
Barsoo, Sangrah,Taisuru,Namsuru,Parkachik,
Purtikchay & tangole Kargee of Suru valley of kargil been reported.
Mansoor Hosan Beigh.

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