Kashmir to Kashgar is name of proud civilization of high literature and prod order of Tasawuf : Renzushah

Today in Revenue complex of Srinagar large number of people of area of Shaheed Ganj ,Tanki Pora , Zaindar Mohalla , Habakadal  had assembled in large number on the occasion of Urs Mubarak of Renowned Sufi Awaliya Hazrat Syed Fazili Sahib.  where khawaja Farooq Renzushah delivered special address on contribution of Great Awaliyas in strengthening Aitqaad ,ishq and love in Kashmir.

Mirwaiz shafi Qari Makhdoomi and respectables of areaJenab Ishaq Shah , Jenab Mohammad Shafi Bhat , Jenab Shahzad , Jenab Yousuf Sahib , Jenab Imam Bukhari Sahib , Bilal Sahib of Niyam Sahib , Manzoor Damdar  and others were also present.

Renzushah Sahib acclaimed the great status of civilization from Kashmir to kashgar as proud civilization of love and Ishiq because of the pure teachings of these  noble Awaliya karams .The king of the time Hazrat Sader ud din Rinchen Shah adopted path of love and peace and established pure administrative system basis on mutual love to all.

He said that the shah Niyamullah Qadri has made great Perditions with regard to Kashmir centuries before when he was alive and we all pray that as per his predictions Kashmir should again become a board of love and ishq so that world is again proud of it’s glorious past. He said, Kashmir has given high quality literature , history and tasawuf to the world  and it is necessary that new generation should be need to realize the high value of  this great literature.

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