LeT pays tributes to slain militants

Says “their sacrifices will never go in vain”

Srinagar, Oct 27: Lashkar-e-Taiba on Saturday paid tributes to slain militants including Aqil Rasheed Sofi from Baramula, Minhaj Mahi-ud-din from Sopore and Moaz.
In an e-mailed statement, LeT Spokesman Dr Abdullah Ghaznawi while quoting the outfit chief, Mahmood Shah said that “the kind of tough time and resistance, our youth are giving to the occupational forces is exemplary.”
“On one side, the occupational forces are numbered in thousands while equipped with state of the art weaponry and chemical weapons. While on the other side, only handful of freedom fighters have only a Kalashnikov and mere handful of ammunition, thus still rendering India into utter defeat,” he said.
“We are proud of our youth, our mothers, brothers and sisters who are standing in harmony in the indigenous freedom struggle. They come up in the defense of their Mujahid brothers in fearlessness. By Allah SWT, this exemplary harmony and brotherhood will soon prove to be a demise of India’s illegal occupation,” Shah said.
Shah further said that “India’s atrocities will never go unanswered. Every war crime committed by Indian forces will be avenged. We affirm to the families of martyrs that their sacrifices will never go in vain.”

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