Need of good health care system and increased expenditure on health budget

The Indian Medical Association has called strike  against central Government policies : Dr. karan Juneja M B B S.

Dr. Karan Juneja is also a Medico Social Activist and Incharge of the Indian Medical Association , (IMA) Junior Doctor network ( J D N ).Medico Social Activist Against  Mixopathy Dr.karan with us . Dr.karan was Awarded Best Outstanding Doctor by Dr.K.K Aggarwal  President ( Confideration of Asia and Ocenia).

Q ) what is Mixopathy?
A) Mixopathy  is anti public healthcare step which has allowed complex surgeries to be practiced by untrained surgeons who do not have knowledge of the speciality which will destroy the quality of healthcare and ancient practices of medicine which we respect a lot .we are doing neet P G Exam preparation, Covid duties and attending to hospital schedules but to save Indian healthcare we have to go on hunger strike for people of India.

Q) How different kind of alternative  medicine system is effective for patients?

A) All pathies are best we respect them but complex surgeries  need to be done trained experienced surgeons .we can not allowe  people in rural  area or poor background  to be Guinea pigs. They deserve good quality health care and we need to increase  P G seats and improve health care facilities. for it.
Q) what is your strategy for Hunger strike?

A) we will do relay hunger strike 1st February onwards for people of India. All Doctors including women doctors wings , medical students, Junior doctors will keep doing their work ,studies and serving people along with it.we are sure to win this fight with public and media support.

Q) Government of India had decided that post Graduate practitioners of Ayurveda perform surgical treatments Is it wrong or right decision by Government?

A) It is wrong decision by Government of India. Decision should be for betterment of country .we expect increase in the number of P G seats and good public healthcare is must for this country and this notification of Central Council of Indian Medicine ( C C I M ) must be withdrawn.
Q) Is it true that fight against Ayurveda medicine system?

A) This fight is for people of India. I respect all medicine system.
Q) Do you agreed that Ayurveda medicine system system is unable to prevent human life?No need of Ayurveda Doctors?

A) we need qualified specialists Surgeons  Physicians to save human life .There is need of doctors  of all systems  which are being practiced and respected from many years. But we need of good health care system which is possible only with  Indian medical services, affordable medical education with increased seats and increased expenditure on health budget.
Q ) Is it possible that Junior Doctor network ( J D N) is useful for patients also?

A) yes it is very useful .Junior  Doctors have been working very hard during covid counseling and saving patients life.
Q) How I M A Doctors solve any problem of poor patients during hunger strike?

A) Doctors will solve problems of people during hunger strike by doing parallel free O P D .Doctors are doing hunger strike at work place, wearing black badges and various symbolic protest  too in hospitals.  Will not studies during hunger strike. So that can serve people as a trained doctor.

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