Non-Aadhar consumers in Beerwah areas denied ration

Appeal  for distribution under previous guidelines till cards are made

Srinagar, Sept 23, KDC: People in some areas of Budgam district, who have not been able to get their Aadhar cards, due to the poor connectivity are suffering, as ration is being denied to them, at their respective ration depots.

A delegation of locals from told news gathering agency Beerwah, Khanshab, Magam and Khag told news gathering agency Kashmir dot com-KDC that ration is being denied to those consumers, who do not have an Aadhar card or have not linked their Aadhar cards with their ration cards.

They said that ration is being issued to only those consumers, who fulfilled their Aadhar formalities with the department and those who do not possess a card or who have not linked it with their ration cards are being denied the ration, due to which they are suffering.

We could not make our Aadhar cards; either because the connectivity is low or we were occupied with earning our livelihood, as the majority of the population in these areas are labour class.

They requested the authorities in the Consumer and Public Distribution Department to give them some time to fulfil the formalities and allow them to receive their rations, without any hindrance as they and their families have reached a starvation point, because of failing in obtaining the ration.

They requested that ration should be distributed as per previous guidelines, till everyone is able to obtain a card as the majority of the public is without Aadhar cards and are frustrated as they have been asked to produce Aadhar cards for biometric registration. (KDC)

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