Overflowing Manhole at Lal Ded Hospital Gate Sully Whole Stretch of Road, Commuters Suffer

Srinagar, 18 February: Overflowing manhole outside the Lal Ded hospital, which sullies the whole stretch of the road falling in between the hospital and the children park, gives commuters a hard time who regularly walk past this spot.

For several weeks, the overflowed manhole on the edge of the road, which is just in front of the hospital’s back gate, giving out filthy water and faeces, has rendered the full stretch of road dirtier.

“It is a real concern. The sewage water soils our clothes, and it is hard to walk at this spot. We have to regularly bypass this area here by taking the extreme edge of the hospital’s gate,” said a local who regularly travels through this road. 

“We commuters suffer a lot by this overflowing manhole because the filthy water ruins our clothes, and the dirty sprinkles splattering on us due to fast running vehicles adds to our problems,” said another local. 

However, the authorities need to pay attention to the issue as this stretch of road leads to important places like Colleges, Hospitals, and other Srinagar areas.

Furthermore, the other local commuters said that the concerned authorities should intervene and resolve this issue, impacting all the people who regularly pass through the area. (KNB)

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