PDP-BJP govt neglected all three regions of JK: NC


GST extension to J&K has dealt a severe blow to State’s economy: Omar Abdullah

Srinagar, May 9: National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said the PDP-BJP government had neglected the economic and administrative needs of all the three regions of the State while plunging it into a dark period of political uncertainty and instability.

Addressing a workers’ convention at Leh on Wednesday, Omar Abdullah said the State’s economy was adversely affected due to the extension of GST to the State. He said the GST also eroded the State’s fiscal and political autonomy.

“All three regions of the State have been neglected by the PDP-BJP government as it remains invested in dividing people to reap political dividends out of instability and animosity. Be it Kashmir, Ladakh or Jammu – all the State’s regions are witnessing a stagnation in terms of development and governance as political uncertainty has become a hallmark of the present government,” the NC Working President said in a statement.

“The Mehbooba Mufti led government was solely invested in clinging on to power despite the adverse ramifications of an alliance that was crafted for the singular purpose of gaining political power at the cost of numerous promises that were made to the people of the State. While every single political promise made by this alliance has been broken without guilt or remorse, the administrative inertia and cluelessness has translated into the State being pushed back by years in terms of governance and development,” he said.

“There isn’t a single area that has progressed in the last three years as the government is fully occupied in concealing its sell-outs to remain in power. The people of the State have been betrayed and continue to be at the receiving end of anti-youth policies,” Omar added.

The NC Working President further added, “The extension of GST to J&K has dealt a severe blow to the State’s economy while eroding our fiscal autonomy which was vital to craft fiscal and taxation policies to meet unique challenges that State faces. Today J&K has no power to create pro-artisan, pro-farmer and pro-business taxation policies to provide a fillip to the State’s economy.”

“These powers have been surrendered by the PDP-BJP government and now rest with the central government. Rhetoric can’t be an excuse for delivery and it has now become evident that this government has sold out and compromised on the interests of the State and its people to remain in power,” he added.

Omar also expressed disappointment at the failure of the state government to raise the issue of exorbitant airfare with the Central Aviation Ministry and said this was adversely affecting the State’s tourism industry. “National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abullah will raise this issue in the Parliament and also with the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation as the state government seems least bothered to raise this important issue that affects the lives of millions of people in the State,” he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the NC Working President inaugurated the party’s new district office at Leh. (GNS)


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