Pollution arising from stone crushers and mixing plants serious health hazard for Srinagar residents

Pollution control board in deep slumber

Srinagar, Sep 25, KDC: The Pollution Control Board has miserably failed to enforce the pollution control laws, necessary to keep a check on the pollution emanating from stone crushers and hot mixing plants of South Srinagar areas.

The Board, which has the prime responsibility to regulate and implement various pollution control laws is under heavy public criticism for preferring to stay in deep slumber towards the issue.

Residents from Lasjan, Panthchowk, Athwajaz, Tengan, Pandrethan and other nearby villages which lie in the south of the Srinagar outskirts are up in arms against the hot mixing  plants and stone crushers for operating without pollution control devices and thus posing health hazards to them.

Locals from Lasjan area told news agency Kashmir Dot Com- (KDC), that dozens of hot mixing plants and stone crushes are operating from Lasjan area and the pollution emanating from these factories have let lose a havoc for the residents to inhale fresh air.

A local resident from Athwajaz, Mohammad Shafi complained that rampant noise and air pollution caused due to the stone crushers and hot mixing plants, operating in abundance from the area has made the lives of the local population hell.

He demanded that authorities should either shut down these units immediately, as they “pose” danger to their lives or ask their owners to install pollution control devices of prescribed standards.

“These plants may have pollution control mechanism in place, but the pollution emanating from them, suggests that they are not using it during operation. There are no checks and balances visible on ground, and the Pollution Control Board officials and other concerned authorities hardly visit these units”, he added.

“These is a serious issues, which is being overlooked by the administration,” said some residents.

The data available with news gathering agency KDC shows that exposure to dust can cause serious respiratory (45.11%), skin (43.33%), hearing (21.53%), eye (17.8%), dyspnea (14.66%) like health problems. Present study reflects that regulatory measures are urgently needed to protect the environment against pollution caused by stone crusher.

Meanwhile Director Pollution Control Board Rafi Ahmad Bhat told KDC that the Board is inspecting the units on monthly basis and submitting the report to concerned authorities.

“Pollution control devices are installed in every unit and they are working properly, adding that those units which are not using pollution control devices will be dealt under law and a team of officers will be deputed to ascertain the situation of Pantha Chowk, Lasjan and other areas”, he added. (KDC)

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