Protest against doctors private practice

‘Conduct OPDs for the relief of non-covid patients’

Srinagar, Oct 3: People from different parts of Kashmir Valley Saturday held a protest in Kashmir capital Srinagar requesting authorities to provide proper facilities to non-Covid patients who according to protesters are suffering immensely due to Covid pandemic.

   The protesters who assembled in press enclave Srinagar said that doctors are busy in private practice and are reluctant to examine non-covid patients in government hospitals.

   “Despite court directions, doctors posted in SKIMS Soura and JVC Bemina are resorting to private practice and don’t bother to examine the poor patients in the government hospitals. The same doctors examine these patients in the private hospitals to mint money from them,” they said.

   They said OPD’s should be conducted and private practice needs to be strictly banned for the relief of non-Covid patients.

  “Poor people are dying in homes. Non-Covid patients can’t afford to visit private hospitals. Doctors who cite Covid as reason to deny the entry of non-covid patients into the hospitals are busy in private practices. There is total mess and nobody is bothering to put the health system on tracks in Valley,” the protesters said.

   They said there is a negative impact due to government’s narrow approach to divert all health resources on controlling Covid-19 while non-Covid-19 patients are suffering immensely. (KNT)

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