Shock moment football stand collapses – 18 fans injured while celebrating goal

A STAND has collapsed at Amiens football club, leaving many Lille fans injured.

The stand at Amiens’ Stade de la Licorne stadium collapsed midway through a match with Lille.

Horrifying photos appear to show a barrier giving way, sending fans tumbling through the air.

The fans appear to have celebrating a goal when the barrier at the front of the stand collapsed.

Emergency workers including paramedics, Red Cross workers, firefighters and the two clubs’ doctors rushed to the scene.

The game, a league fixture in France’s Ligue 1, has now been halted as injured fans are treated.

Officials said 18 fans had been hurt with at least three in a serious condition. Lille themselves said 20 had been hurt.

After a security meeting, the match was postponed.

Marc Ingla, Lille’s CEO, has demanded an explanation for the accident.

He said: “I would first like to have a very strong thought for our supporters and specifically for the injured. I hope with all my heart that they are well. We are waiting for more precise information. All energy and good thoughts must now go to them.

“Tonight we also have the right to ask about the organizational and safety conditions proposed by the stadium and the Amiens club. We are quite disturbed, we are counting on the LFP so that responsibilities are identified for the victims of this accident and so that this can not happen again. It’s pretty incredible that this type of accident can happen today.”

He added on Twitter: “Lille wants the causes of this accident to be quickly identified, for its supporters and victims, and so that it can never happen again.”

Hosts Amiens FC tweeted: “The authorities and rescue services are evacuating the wounded.

“Thoughts with the wounded. We hope this is not too serious.”

They later added: “The match has definitely been stopped.

“The stadium is being evacuated in a calm manner.”

Lille tweeted immediately following the incident: “The match is stopped. A big thought for our supporters. It is hopefully nothing serious.

“There were 20 injured in the incident, three of which were evacuated to the hospital.

“We are giving them all our support.”

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