Some rest of adjoining area in villages Lankarchey deprived from 4G airtel services, Residents urges expending high speed data networks or new installation of Airtel tower​ ​

​Kargil/17 March:​ The villages Lankerchey Kargil which is 30 km away from kargil town and it’s has merely five km away from tehsil sankoo sub division ,there are approximately two thousands populations and its has fifteen adjacent hamlet ,it would be pertinent to mention here that some rest of area totally disruption from Airtel Internet connectivity services.
India’s largest telecom company Bharti Airtel has  launch of 4G services in sankoo, Kargil in the Ladakh region, saying that it has become the first operator to provide the high speed data services in the area. customer from this villages sankoo block and its surrounding area are able to enjoying and  affordable high speed data services and get on to the digital superhighway,” it is hardly surprising that village in relatively remote area Lankerchey and its some different adjacent area’s received sub standard 4G airtel services.
The poor Airtel  Service disruption Irking by the common people’s of villages  lankerchey and its adjacent area’s facing problems  due to weak signal of cellular  service  of airtel which provided by  India’s largest telecom company Bharti, some Irritating occurance of call drops and weak signal has become a hallmark of Airtel and it frustrates us to no end since it has become the norm and not the exception.
The deteriorating Airtel services and Internet have irked the valuable customers of the Company.
 ​The faulty internet service of airtel has caused in some parts of villages lankerchey kargil this has been creates immensely lose for the students particularly are made to suffering since internet has become a lifeline for them in their respective fields.​
This has happened at a crucial  time when the student’s who want to get entrance examination  like competitive test,and school and college university  admission in various institution,online recruitment post are not able to submitted their application form due to non availability of  internet service in this area’s.
They resident had urged to India’s largest telecom company Bharti Airtel to expanding its high speed data networks or installation of Airtel Tower at villages Lankerchey they also sought to intervene into the matter on that the people of this area’s have a sigh of relief. ….

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