Students of BHSS Qalamabad being asked to pay Rs 50 for bonafide certificates; authorities assure action

Srinagar, Sept 20: Students of Government Boys Higher Secondary School Qalamabad in Mawer Handwara Sunday alleged they are being charged rupees 50 for bonafide certificates and appealed authorities to look into the matter.
A group of students said that this is the only institute who is charging fee for issuance of bonafide certificates.
They said how the said institution can charge students in absence of any Government order.
“Other institutions are issuing the said certificates without charging a single penny to students. It is ours institution who resorted to swindling money by arbitrary means”, students said.
When contacted to Principal BHSS Qalamabad, he admitted that the clerks were charging Rs 50 from students and assured the practiced will be stopped forthwith. However he didn’t comment on those who had already paid the amount.
Deputy Education Officer Handwara Abdul Rashid Mir clarified that there is no such order to collect 50 Rs from students while issuing bonafide certificates. He added those have been charged should approach to this office in written and assured strict action against the involved. (KNS)

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