Traffic Police city seizes 84 vehicles, 391 challaned for wrong parking, overloading

‘Commuters are once again advised to park their vehicles at designated parking places’
Traffic Police City Srinagar in its continuous drive against Traffic violators and special drive against tow-wheelers violations challaned 391 vehicles including seizure of 84 vehicles for wrong/obstructive parking, overloading in passenger vehicles, intermittent stops, using mobile phone while driving, without seat belt, without crash helmet, pillion riding, stunt biking etc.
Among 173 two-wheelers challaned, 53 two-wheelers were seized under different sections of MV Act.
The drive is intensified in view of the quantum of violations which not only impede the flow of traffic, but also create inconvenience to both commuters and pedestrians.
Traffic Police has published a list of off road designated parking places in City Srinagar and seek co-operation of commuters to ensure safety of vulnerable road users and to ease traffic congestion.
Commuters are once again advised to park their vehicles at designated parking places and avoid on road parking to prevent action under law. It is further advised that due to huge vehicular rush and squeezed road width in City Centre any on-road car parking is discouraged and violation would invite action under law. Moreover, parents should sensitize / educate their wards for safe driving. (

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