Youth Of Lankerchey For Want Of PlayGround​​​.

Youth Of Lankerchey For Want Of PlayGround​​​.
​Kargil ,19 March 2018​: Mocking  the  tall claim of State to provide better facilities for playing activities to Jammu Kashmir and far flung area but unfortunately that tje youth of lankerchey are unable to participate in the co-curricular and recreational activities for want of playground.
 ​Talking to ​media Abdul Hadi​ a  local youth from Lankechey said,when a several sport activities are taking place throughout the area with even  govt sponsoring many events the youth here are unable to play the outdoor game due to the lack of playground field at villages Lankerchey. They further added if this facilities will be available at the area the youth are take great participant on every field but due to absence of playground in our area our children are compelled to playing  on road side.our youth especially little champ are very much enthusiasm about various sport but lack of playground in the area.
 ​They had urged to the  department of youth and sport service Kargil/ Chairman &  Chief Executive Councillor for LAHD to look into the matter it on priority basis​ .
 ​ ​Mansoor Hosan Beigh​​​ 

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